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Latec International Logistics & Shipping Pte.Ltd is a new addition to our business portfolio.

It was only our natural progression since we have been shipping steel and commodities all over the world. We have been handling our own shipping and logistics for some time now and with a wealth of our own experience and our new senior team members with their years of shipping and logistics knowledge our new office in Singapore is now open and handling all aspects of moving any type of cargo all over the world by sea and air freight.

We provide assistance with all documentation, customs clearance formalities, Import and Export documentation, pre-advice service (planning shipping schedules and keeping our customers updated of the arrival and departure of shipment), warehousing, customs bonded warehousing and always provide the most competitive rates.

We very well know the importance of hassle free, seamless cargo transportation service, how important it is in achieving successful business completion to any commodity trading company or individual. Basing our Logistics and Shipping headquarters in Singapore gives us the advantage of providing the perfect and easy run service utilizing all the technology and expertise that Singapore has to offer with its sophisticated port facilities and prime Asian region location.

We will be opening new logistics and shipping office in Myanmar in the capital city of Yangon and Sheffield UK.

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